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Are you looking for excellent massages in Žilina? Indulge a massage in our guesthouse after a strenuous day and choose one from a wide selection of massages and relaxation procedures that are at your disposal throughout the whole week. Your choice will result in full and complex regeneration. The massage affects individual parts of your body as well as the nerve system, evaluates the stimuli and responds to them. Enjoy the beneficial effects of massages performed by our qualified massage therapists. However, our interest in you does not end here. A relaxation zone with deckchairs and drinking regime awaits you only in our Wellness centre.

Our massages and procedures use quality herbal massage oils ´Yamuna natural´ made from natural ingredients without any chemicals. The skin absorbs them easily and does not become greasy. The oils regenerate, moisture and firm the skin. Unique combinations ensure a relaxation massage combined with a pleasant aroma. They do not contain paraffin!

Classic massages
Classic back and neck massage 30 min. 20 Eur
Classic full body massage 60 min. 40 Eur
Facial massage 15 min. 15 Eur
Classic foot massage 20 min. 15 Eur
30 min. 20 Eur
Classic hand massage 15 min. 12 Eur
Classic neck massage 15 min. 12 Eur
Reflexology massages
Soft techniques – back, neck 20 min. 20 Eur
Reflexology massage – back, neck 20 min. 20 Eur
Reflexology massage – feet 40 min. 40 Eur
Other massages
Cupping therapy 40 min. 35 Eur
Relaxation massage 30 min. 20 Eur
60 min. 40 Eur
Sports massage 30 min. 20 Eur
60 min. 40 Eur
Massage for children 20 min. 15 Eur
Classic massage + Cupping 60 min. 45 Eur
90 min. 60 Eur
Maderotherapy 40 min. 30 Eur
60 min. 40 Eur

We accept your booking 30 minutes at the latest before the procedure, please call: +421 911 620 335, +421 41 5622 021, email us: recepcia@central-park.sk , or contact us personally at the reception desk.