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Accommodation regulation of PENSION CENTRAL PARK***

Dear Visitor, Welcome to the Pension Central Park***.

We wish you a pleasant stay and at the same time we would like to inform you about our internal Accommodation Regulations:


The hotel can accommodate only a client who submits to the reception his valid ID. Accommodation for foreigners is governed by the relevant legislation in Slovakia. Hotel issues customer a hotel accommodation card and room key during sign in.


The hotel provides client services in scope and quality, granted by the relevant decree no. 419/2001 of. Issue the Ministry of Economy, which regulates the categorization of accommodation facilities and classification codes for their division into classes.


The client uses the room during the time they agreed with the hotel.


Guests can check in from 2pm, the room should be free until 10:00 am., unless otherwise agreed.


Client pays the bill on departure. For stays exceeding three days, the hotel may also require advance payment before arrival of the client. Hotel bills are due immediately upon submission. this does not apply to individually negotiated terms and conditions.


It is up to client‘s own interest to check the condition and function facilities in the room and any defect found immediately report to the front desk.


The client agrees that for the entire duration of accommodation hotel maids may enter in order to perform their duties.


In a hotel room or in the common areas of the hotel client cannot make any changes on the device, repairs or modifications to the mains and other installations without the consent of the competent official.


The client is obliged to pay the damage caused to the assets by the clients.


Smoking is not allowed in the hotel area around Pension Central Park***.


Operator is not responsible for damages caused to the property, for the loss of personal belongings, documents and valuables.
Every guest can store the valuable things in the safe at the front desk.


The client doesn’t behave in a way to disturb other guests.
Between 10pm and 6am every guest is obliged to keep night silence.


When the client leaves the hotel room he/she is obliged to close the taps, switch off electrical appliances, turn off the room lights, close the windows, close the front door and hand over the key at the front desk.


Car park is for the hotel clients. It’s free of charge and is not guarded.


The client is obliged to comply with these Regulations from the moment he/she rents the room. In a case the Regulations are breached, the hotel management has the right to terminate the contract provided before the end of the agreed period.


Complaints are carried out under the Complaints Procedure hotel, which is at the reception.


Direct phone number of the reception from room: 100.